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                                      THE MESSY POOCH RANGE 


                     Supporting your special friend through life the Healthy Way!















Wyld Rose Holistics our exited to bring you our Messy Pooch Range 

We now have Natural Handcrafted Artisan Dog Shampoo & Conditioning Soaps

available for the Retail & Wholesale Market. 


All our Soaps are made using natural ingredients of Fairtrade Coconut, Olive oil & African Shea Butter, all known for their lathering, cleansing & moisturising properties.

They contain doggy approved doses of Therapeutic grade essential oils

& Natural Clays for your Perfect Pet.


Our Handcrafted Artisan Soaps our individually hand wrapped, stamped and labelled with our own designer papers and unique Wyld Rose logo,

ingredient’s listing, batch code and roll over date. 

Lavender, Honey & Oat – For Sensitive Coats

Gentle Conditioning Shampoo bar for dry and flaky coats.

A gently cleansing bar for precious pooches without stripping the natural oils.

Made in our unique base formula of Natural Coconut, Olive Oils and Organic African Shea butter,

Castor oil, Honey, Organic Oats, Lavender Essential oils.

  50G £ 4        100G £6










Peppermint & Green Clay- Chill Out Shampoo bar






Bamboo charcoal lime cedar -   Buzz off Conditioning Shampoo bar

for skin and coat conditioning and dermatitis of all types


Rosemary & Sea Kelp

















We have teamed up with the lovely Katie at Wag Wins UK to offer bespoke Gift Packages for your prize pooches, perfect for Christmas and special presents for the rest of the year.


























Delicious Lavender, Honey & Oat just cut and now ready for trimming & stamping 🌼🌼🌼.jpg
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